Direct Carrier Billing 2015

22-23rd September Royal Garden Hotel, London

event highlights


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The Conference of the year

The only event focused on direct carrier billing and PSMS

This event offers the only chance to meet the industry in one place all under one roof.

Speakers and attendees from merchants and operators

Meet both merchants, operators and stores at this event. Ensuring you get to build relationships with the whole carrier billing ecosystem.

Co-located with the Service Delivery Innovation Summit

With a focus on new innovative services, the co-location of the Delivery Innovation Summit means you’ll be able to meet even more operators who are looking to invest into carrier billing.

Hosted lunch tables

Fed up of short conversations at conferences? Our hosted lunch tables mean you can reserve a seat on a table with a particular speaker and spend time getting to know them over lunch.

Roundtable discussion sessions

Topic-led roundtables will give you the chance to tackle business challenges in frank and open discussion with other market participants.

Business card exchanges

Taking place both at the start of the conference and before the networking break, this a great but simple way to meet others in the conference room and will be led by the conference chairman

1-1 Meetings service

Do you struggle to get your diary full of meetings before you come to an event? To ensure you have a great ROI and meet everyone you need to you can sign up to our 1-1 meeting service.

Stimulating keynotes

Bringing innovation to life with speeches from Orange, Deutsche Telekom, Telenor and many more.

Venue Address:

Royal Garden Hotel
2-24 Kensington High Street

+44 (0)20 7937 8000


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